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Humble Beginnings

Quantico Creek Sod Farms, Inc. began on July 22, 2003 with a 30-acre field of Bermuda grass planted on the Evans home farm located in Hebron, Maryland just five minutes west of Salisbury. Since that day, we have grown to become a farm with over 1,000 acres of turf grass in production. We specialize in tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass. To meet all of our customers needs, our farm is operated with all automated machinery, which allows us to improve the rate of production and quality of our sod.

From the time our seed is planted until the final product is shipped to our customer, we are able to control all aspects of the operation and ensure our product meets our quality specifications. This quest for quality has been a driving force in our company since its inception. Our philosophy is that by producing the best product for our customers and delivering service to match we will create loyal customers who will continue to demand our quality of sod.