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Please let us know your location and how many square feet you would like to order and we will contact you with a custom price quote. We look forward to providing you with our quality sod and service!

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  • Trebro AutoStack: This machine harvests 4 feet wide by 5 feet in length small rolls and stacks 600 square feet per pallet. (Square feet per pallet can be altered upon the customer's request.)
  • Trebro HarvestStack: This machine harvests 2 feet wide by 5 feet in length small rolls and stacks 600 square feet per pallet. (Square feet per pallet can be altered upon the customer's request.)
  • Magnum 42 big roll Harvester: This machine harvests large rolls 3.5 feet wide by normally 50, 75, and 100 feet lengths, but these rolls can be harvested at any length the customer prefers.
  • Land pride 22 foot rotary bat wing mowers: These mowers provide a high quality cut on our sod. The widths of the mowers allow us to maintain the entire farm very quickly and efficiently keeping the build-up of clippings and thatch on our turf to a minimum.

Production & Operations

  • Seeding: All of our acreage is double planted with a final seed rate of 375 pounds of Tall Fescue seed per acre and 100 pounds of Kentucky Bluegrass seed per acre.
  • Maintenance: All of our sod is maintained at a two inch height of cut. Mowing frequency varies during the year, but generally runs around two to three day intervals.
  • Fertilization: During grow-in, all sod is fertilized once every thirty days if temperatures permit. Once sod is established, fertilizers are applied on an as needed basis. The usual application rate is 1lb per thousand square feet. Tall Fescue is fertilized with ammonium sulfate; Kentucky Bluegrass is fertilized with ammonium nitrate.
  • Spray Program: Insecticides and fungicides are applied to our sod on an as needed basis. The main insect that we treat is common grubs, which we control with Mach 2 insecticide. Preventative and curative applications of fungicides are applied to control Brown Patch and Pythium diseases. Herbicides are applied on a preventative basis for annual grasses such as goosegrass and crabgrass. We use pendimethalin as our grassy weed preemergent. MSMA is used for post-emergent control of grassy weeds. Broadleaf weeds are treated on a curative basis with 2, 4-D and Dicamba.
  • Customer Service: All sod is guaranteed fresh at the time of delivery. No sod is cut before the customers order or request is received. Due to the automated machinery's time and labor saving abilities, our company can harvest seven days a week. Seven days a week harvesting makes a substantial difference to non local customers. We can harvest and ship our sod on Sundays to be delivered early Monday morning to keep our customers on the go with today's work schedules. We use numerous broker trucking companies that are very prompt and reliable. The maximum order that can be shipped on one truck is 10,800 square feet of palletized sod and 9,000 square feet of big roll sod.